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Deborah Anne Freund is an American university administrator and academic. She was president of Claremont Graduate University from 2010[1] to 2015, former Distinguished Professor of Public Administration, and former Vice-Chancellor and Provost for Academic Affairs at Syracuse University. Prior to taking the post at Claremont, she was considered for Chancellor of UCLA.[2]

Education and academic career[edit]

Freund received a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Classics from Washington University in St. Louis in 1973, a Master of Public Health (MPH) in medical care administration in 1975, a Master of Arts (MA) in Applied Economics in 1975, and a PhD in Economics in 1980, the latter three degrees all from the University of Michigan.

Before receiving her appointments as Vice-Chancellor and Provost for Academic Affairs and Professor of Public Administration at Syracuse University, she was Vice-Chancellor for academic affairs and dean of the faculties from 1994–1999 and Professor of Public Affairs among other professorial appointments at Indiana University Bloomington.

Personal life[edit]

Freund has one son, William Freund Kneisner.


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