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Deborah Taylor Tate

Deborah Taylor Tate was a Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). She was nominated by President George W. Bush on 9 November 2005, for the remainder of the term expiring 30 June 2007. She was unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate on 21 December 2005, and sworn in as FCC Commissioner on 3 January 2006. She has spoken out in favor of Digital Rights Management and suggested TV may be a contributing factor in childhood obesity.[1]

In April 2007, the Center for Public Integrity reported that Tate, a Nashville, Tennessee native, received talking points on how to best oppose the pending merger between satellite radio firms XM and Sirius from a representative of Clear Channel, a terrestrial radio company opposing the deal.[2]

On 30 December 2008 the FCC announced that Tate would be resigning from office.[3] In June 2009, President Obama nominated Mignon Clyburn to take her place.


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