Dechatu River

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The Dechatu River is a river of eastern Ethiopia. It rises in the Ahmar Mountains to flow north through the second largest city in the country, Dire Dawa towards the Awash River, entering the city at 9°35′N 41°52′E / 9.583°N 41.867°E / 9.583; 41.867Coordinates: 9°35′N 41°52′E / 9.583°N 41.867°E / 9.583; 41.867. It is unclear if either its flow or river bed eventually reach the Awash. The river appears to lose itself in the Cantur Plain (Buren Meda) north of Dire Dawa.


The river floods periodically during the June-to-September rainy season. In 2005 around 200 people were killed by floodwaters and crocodiles. A flood in August 2006 killed at least 300, including 200 in the city of Dire Dawa. The city suffered large amounts of damage and thousands of its inhabitants were displaced. Communications infrastructure was damaged and the main road to the capital Addis Ababa was cut off .[1]

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