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Decillionix was a company based in Sunnyvale, California which sold computer music hardware and software in the mid-1980s. Its first product was the DX-1 for the Apple II, sold in 1983. The DX-1 consisted of a monophonic 8-bit audio input card, a monophonic 8-bit audio output card, and the DX-1 Effects II software. Decillionix later produced MIDI software and hardware.

Decillionix was run by Dan Retzinger.

Decillionix ceased operations in 1987.


  • Original DX-1 two-card sampler, and Effects II software for Apple II (1983)
  • Single card version of the hardware for Apple II (1984)
  • Splash, an audio visualization program for Apple II (1984)
  • Echo II, an effects program for Apple II (1985)
  • P-Drum, a percussion sequencing program for Apple II (1985)
  • Synthestra, an hierarchical MIDI sequencing program for Apple II (1986)
  • The Box, a standalone MIDI effects device (1986)

Splash, P-Drum, and Synthestra were written by David Van Brink.