Deckchairs Overboard

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Deckchairs Overboard
Origin Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Genres Pop
Years active 1982–1985
Associated acts Cheks, Split Enz
Past members

Deckchairs Overboard were an Australian pop music band based in Sydney which formed in 1982 and disbanded in 1985.[1] The early line-up featured Ken Campbell on vocals, guitar, and drums; John Clifforth on vocals, guitar, and keyboards; Paul Hester on drums (later of Split Enz and Crowded House); and Cathy McQuade on bass guitar and vocals.[1] They had developed from Melbourne-based Cheks (1980–1982) with the addition of McQuade.

Deckchairs Overboard had minor hit singles "That's The Way" (1983), with Campbell on vocals, "Shout", (1983) with McQuade on vocals, "Walking In The Dark" (1984) and "Fight For Love" (1985) both with Clifforth on vocals; which received airplay on TV and radio. After Hester left in 1983 they had a series of drummers including Matthew Wenban and Michael Davis.[1] Michael Hoste on keyboards during 1983 was an ex-member of Flowers and Icehouse.[1]

McQuade and Clifforth, were involved in ABC's TV series Sweet and Sour (1984) supplying the singing voice for two of the lead actors, McQuade also provided bass guitar; Deckchairs Overboard also performed "That's the Way" for the soundtrack. The group's self-titled first album had an alternative front cover for its Canadian release showing McQuade and Clifforth. The film, I Can't Get Started (1985), starring John Waters had two tracks "Mixed Low" and "Legion" on its soundtrack.[2] Clifforth released, Craven's Pharmacy, featuring work with Hester, in 2011.



  1. Deckchairs Overboard EP (1982) with "That's the Way", "Mixed Low", "Legion" (Campbell, Hester, McQuade, Clifforth)[3] and "Where Elephants Hide" (Clifforth)[3]
  2. "Carried Away" (1983) / "That's the Way" (Campbell, Hester, McQuade, Clifforth)
  3. "Shout" / "Shout (Extended mix)" (1983) (McQuade, Campbell, Hester, Clifforth)
  4. "Walking in the Dark" (1984) (Clifforth) / "Over and Over" (McQuade, Campbell, Clifforth)
  5. "Fight for Love" (1985) (Wenban, Clifforth) / "Can't Stop the Motor" (Clifforth)


Deckchairs Overboard LP (1985)

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Fight for Love" (Wenban, Clifforth)[3]
  2. "Can't Stop the Motor" (Clifforth)[3]
  3. "It's All in the Game" (Charles Dawes, Carl Sigman)[4]
  4. "I Need You More" (Hester, Clifforth)[3]
  5. "Love Takes Over" (Clifforth)[3]
  6. "Every Other Day" (Clifforth)[3]
  7. "Teach Me to Cry" (Clifforth)[3]
  8. "I Get Hungry" (Clifforth)[3]
  9. "Overboard" (Clifforth)[3]
  10. "Walking in the Dark" (Clifforth)[3]


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