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Decomposure (a.k.a. Caleb Mueller) is a Canadian electronic music musician. To date, he has released two full-length albums on the Unschooled Label and two on his own Blank Squirrel label, as well as being featured on multiple compilations. Mueller is also a graphic and visual artist.

On Unschooled Records (2003-2007)[edit]

Decomposure made his full-length debut with 2004's Taking Things Apart, which featured experimental songs built from electronically deconstructed sounds culled from many disparate sources,[1] including a Scrabble game, wooden matches, and a speech by US President George W. Bush. This was followed by the release of 2005's At Home and Unaffected,[2] which was built with sounds recorded from Decomposure's apartment and featured a new direction toward instrumentation and vocals.

On Blank Squirrel (2007-Present)[edit]

Following the collapse of the Unschooled Records label in 2007, Decomposure created his own Blank Squirrel Musics label and released Vertical Lines A, an ambitious multi-genre album made from the first eleven hours of a 23-hour timespan recorded on cassette. It featured heavily-abstracted songwriting, complex unconventional time signatures, a bonus DVD full of special features and handmade album art bound together with string. It is expected that he will follow this album with Horizontal Lines B some time in the future.

In 2008, the full-length Humidity Patient Guide, his second release for Blank Squirrel Musics, was made available as a free download on the record label's website. Humidity Patient Guide is one continuous track, instead of a more traditional track-by-track format. The different sections of the track remain untitled.

In 2009 he recorded a 6-song EP, North Carolina, which was released free on the Blank Squirrel site. Songs from Old Headphones, a compilation of older unreleased songs, remixes and instrumentals, was also made available on the website in December along with a collection of comedy sketch recordings entitled The Velvet Rain: The Effective Edge Podcast's Best Sketches 2005-2007.

In May 2010, Blank Squirrel released the first of a series of weekly podcasts, introducing Decomposure's new goal of recording a song each week to be released on the podcast, and announcing that the Horizontal Lines B project would be put on hold.


Full-length albums[edit]

  • Taking Things Apart (Unschooled Records, 2004)
  • At Home and Unaffected (Unschooled Records, 2005)
  • Vertical Lines A (Blank Squirrel Musics, 2007)
  • Humidity Patient Guide (Blank Squirrel Musics, 2008)
  • Eating Chicken (Blank Squirrel Musics, 2012)
  • The Great Grey Beast (Blank Squirrel Musics, 2013)

Short-form albums[edit]


  • A Very Unschooled Christmas (Unschooled Records, 2004)


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