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Dee Monk was a Eurodance group from Belgrade which was popular in the 1990s in Serbia and Montenegro. However this group has received even broader recognition, it became very famous in the region, especially in : Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia and the rest of Balkans.

Dee Monk has recorded only one album titled Samo zelim da znam ("I just want to know"). Their most famous hit was "Samo zelim da znam" (1994) which is listened to even now.[1] Members of this group were Sasa Novaković and Alma.Dee Monk paused more years and in 2010 returned to eurodance scene with the new songs. In 2010 he recorded the song "Sad Znam" with Ivana Krunic and in 2010 he worked with ex "Luna" member Zejna Murkic and recorded the song "Tonight". He also recorded a song with rapper Shwarz - "Uzmi sve sto ti dam". Dee Monk is one of the most famous Ex Yu groups.