Deep Lie

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Deep Lie
Author Stuart Woods
Country United States
Language English
Series Will Lee Novels
Genre Thriller novel
Publisher Norton
Publication date
February 1986
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 432
ISBN 978-0-06-104449-6
OCLC 39631650
Preceded by Run Before the Wind
Followed by Grass Roots (Novel)

Deep Lie is the third novel in the Will Lee series by Stuart Woods. It was first published in 1986 by W. W. Norton Co., Inc. The novel takes place in Washington, D. C., Latvia, Russia, and Europe, about 5–10 years after the events of Run Before the Wind. The story continues the story of the Lee family of Delano, Georgia. Even though Will Lee is not a main character (he is a supporting character) in the novel, it is still considered to be a Will Lee Novel because it moves his storyline forward, introducing Katherine Rule, a CIA operative tracking Soviet plotting in the Baltic Sea region. Much of the plot involves Rule's thwarting a Soviet plan to use submarines to invade Sweden.

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