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Deepak Tiwari is an Indian reporter, Special Correspondent of The Week magazine. He lives in Bhopal. He report news-stories from the states of Madhya Pradesh, Chatttisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. As a journalist he had also covered news stories from United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand outside India.[1] Visited Sri Lanka and United Arab Emirates.

His story on abuse of dalit women in Panchayati Raj fetched him prestigious Sarojini Naidu Prize for best reporting on women in Panchayati Raj.. The award carries a cash prize of Rs Two Lakh and is given every year to development journalists.[2]

His story in 2002 on missing tribal girls from central India got him United Nation Development Program (UNDP) award. Tiwari is also a recipient of Makhanlal Chaturvedi Puruskar, Jagat Pathak Patrakarita Puruskar, Prashant Samman.[3]

Born in a Bundelkhand village his schooling was done at St Joseph Convent School, Sagar and Kendriya Vidayalayas. He did his journalism degree with gold medal from Dr HS Gour University, Sagar and started his journalistic career in 1993 from All India Radio.

He also worked for Press Trust of India, New Delhi MP Chronicle and Free Press Free Press news papers in Bhopal.

With The Week magazine The Week (Indian magazine) he has written number of stories expressing concern over human rights, development issues and weaker section of society. A feature film Devaki, made in 2004, was based on his story of women being auctioned in tribal society. He is also known as political commentator on various media forums including television.

His book on political history of Madhya Pradesh titled Rajneetinama Madhya Pradesh Rajnetaon Ke Kisse(1956-2003)' published in December 2013 was termed as the seminal work on political history of Madhya Pradesh by The Hindu.[4]


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