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Deinonychus is a Dutch doom metal band formed in 1992 by Marco Kehren. There is a close relationship between Deinonychus and the German band Bethlehem: Kehren provided vocals on S.U.I.Z.I.D., Reflektionen auf's Sterben and Profane Fetmilch Lenzt Elf Krank, while Bethlehem bassist and lyricist Jürgen Bartsch joined Deinonychus in 2005. The first three albums and the early demos released as After the rain empty sky remains [1] feature Kehren on all instruments and vocals; 1999's Deinonychus [2] added Cradle of Filth drummer William Sarginson,[3] and 2002's Mournument [4] was recorded with a full band. The band announced that they disbanded in September 2008.[5] Marco Kehren nowadays runs a martial industrial band by the name of Nihil Novi Sub Sole (Band). Warfare [6] Deinonychus revived in 2016 with a new line up consisting of Marco Kehren (Guitars,Bass,Vocals)/ Steve Wolz(Drums) and Markus Stock(Keyboards). The band has recorded a new album called "Ode to Acts of Murder, Dystopia and Suicide" to be released on My Kingdom Music worldwide in October 2017. [7]

Origin Brunssum, Netherlands
Genres Black doom, death/doom, dark metal
Years active 1992–2008-present
Labels Cacophonous Rec, My Kingdom Music
Associated acts Bethlehem
Website Deinonychus Facebook Profile
Past members William Sarginson
Maurice Swinkels
Fabien Pereira
John Bartels
Staff Glover
Jürgen Bartsch
Alessio Fagrelli


Title Release date Label
The Silence of December 1995 Cacophonous
When The Rain Falls 1996 Guttural
The Weeping of a Thousand Years 1996 Cacophonous
Ark of Thought 1997 Supernal
Deinonychus 1999 Ars Metalli
Mournument 2002 My Kingdom Music
Insomnia 2004 My Kingdom Music
Warfare Machines 2007 My Kingdom Music


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