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Deirdre Cartwright (born 26 July 1958) is a British guitarist and composer, and became well known as the guitar presenter of the groundbreaking BBC Television series Rockschool (1983). The second series of Rockschool attracted audiences of two million viewers every week in the UK and was subsequently shown worldwide.

In 1991 she formed her own band - The Deirdre Cartwright Group.

As a solo artist she has played with the American guitarist Tal Farlow, toured with Jamaican composer Marjorie Whylie, played throughout Europe, has seen the weekly jazz club she co-runs, 'Blow The Fuse', become one of the most popular in London, and has been a regular presenter for BBC Radio 3.

Before becoming a presenter and a jazz guitarist, Cartwright was a founding member, from 1975 to 1977, of an all-female band Painted Lady, which later became known as Girlschool. She left to form another band Tour De Force[1]and later pursued different professional opportunities in the music business.


After finishing the series she contributed several tunes to the Rockschool grade books that are for sale and go from Debut grade to Grade 8. These are split into three levels: level 1 - Grades 1-3; level 2 - Grades 4-5; and level 3 - Grade 6-8. There are two types of exam, performance and normal. The tunes were co-written with Hussein Boon.[2]

Rockschool songs for Guitar[edit]

The following is a complete list of songs from the Rockschool Guitar 2006-2012 syllabus, to which Deirdre Cartwright generally contributed one song per grade.

Grade Debut[edit]

  • Bean Scent
  • What's Your Game?
  • Paisley On My Mind
  • Detroit Spinner
  • Buddy
  • Ruby

Grade 1[edit]

  • Gone But Not Forgotten
  • Head On
  • Gotta Lotta Rosa
  • Jazz Trip
  • Spike

Grade 2[edit]

  • Fake Tortoise
  • Jet Black Camel
  • Martha's Park
  • Night Bus
  • Blue Phones
  • Glitter Ballz

Grade 3[edit]

  • Hazi Taxi
  • Been There
  • Download
  • Pipeline
  • Little Shady
  • Trenchtown

Grade 4[edit]

  • Enough Said
  • Glide On Down
  • Hold On I'm Going
  • Rage Against Everything
  • Secret Place
  • There and Beck

Grade 5[edit]

  • Alka Setzer
  • Sidewinder
  • All Funked Up
  • D&A
  • Bust Up
  • X Blues III

Grade 6[edit]

  • Big Big Big
  • PMA
  • Mud Pie
  • Musement Park
  • One by One
  • September Chill

Grade 7[edit]

  • Duality
  • Déjà Vu
  • Third Degree
  • Funkie Junkie
  • George's Best
  • Giant Homer Head

Grade 8[edit]

  • 667
  • Bonzo
  • Fusion
  • Sampa Samba
  • Some You Win
  • Whatever Happened To Jazz


  • Tune Up Turn On Stretch Out (2008)
  • Dr Quantum Leaps (2005)
  • The Guest Stars - compilation (2006)
  • Precious Things (2002)
  • Play (1996)
  • Debut (1994)
  • Live in Berlin (1987)
  • Out at Night (1985)
  • The Guest Stars (1984)


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