Deja Voodoo (New Zealand band)

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Deja Voodoo
Origin New Zealand
Genres Rock
Hard rock
Years active 2002–present
Labels Liberation Music
Members Matt Heath
Chris Stapp
Piers Graham
Gerald Stuart
Past members Travis Mack
James Goodfellow
Phillip Bruff

Deja Voodoo are a rock band from Auckland, New Zealand, where they formed in 2002.


Deja Voodoo began as the fictional house band in the New Zealand television show Back Of The Y Masterpiece Television, which featured them in 15 seconds of mimed rock n' roll at the start of each episode.[1][2] This led to a nationwide tour, which featured a finale where the band members smashed ten burning acoustic guitars over Chris Stapp's head.[1] The tour was featured in the now TV special Back of the Y goes to Hollywood, with the band supplying the soundtrack.[1]

On returning from the tour, drummer Phil 'Spanners Watson' Bruff left the band, to be replaced by Matt's girlfriend’s little brother James.[1] Five sold out gigs around Auckland followed.[1]

The band was put on hold when Chris and Matt sold their TV show to MTV and decided to go to the UK, but they were back within six months. On their return to New Zealand they signed a four figure record deal with Liberation Music and recorded their first studio album, Brown Sabbath.[1]

Brown Sabbath[edit]

Brown Sabbath was to be a beer drinking concept album of epic proportions.[1] Songs included "Beers", "Feelings", "We are Deja Voodoo", and "Today Tomorrow Timaru". Brown Sabbath was released in July 2004. Thousands of copies have been sold New Zealand wide, and the album has even made it to Australian record shelves.

Back in Brown[edit]

In early 2006, a new single was released from their upcoming album Back in Brown entitled "Can't do". In typical Deja Voodoo tradition its main chorus line is "Can't do what I wanna do with you (you weren't even born in the 80's!!!)". Their second single from Back in Brown was "Shotgun" - another typical tongue in cheek approach for the band featuring the main chorus line "I call Shotgun on you". Back in Brown was due to be released on 13 July 2006, but due to scheduling the release was pushed back to 17 July.

Band members[edit]



Date of Release Title Label Charted Country Catalog Number
2002 Haven't I heard this shit somewhere before? - -
2004 Brown Sabbath Liberation Music 24 NZ LIBCD61312
2006 Back in Brown Liberation Music 20 NZ LIBCD82135
2009 The Shape of Grunge to Come... Sub Grunge Records NZ RIPC001
2003 We Are Deja Voodoo - -


Year Single Album Charted Certification
2004 "We Are Deja Voodoo" Brown Sabbath - -
2004 "Beers" Brown Sabbath - -
2004 "Today, Tomorrow Timaru" Brown Sabbath - -
2005 "P" Brown Sabbath - -
2006 "Can't Do" Back in Brown - -
2006 "Shotgun" Back in Brown - -
2008 "Punisher" The Shape Of Grunge To Come - -


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