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Delabere Pritchett Blaine (1768–1845) was an English veterinary surgeon and Professor of Animal Medicine.


Blaine at one stage ran a veterinary infirmary in Wells Street, Oxford Street, London. From about 1812 he was in partnership there with William Youatt, for around 12 years; then Youatt took over the business.[1]

He may have been a contributor to Rees's Cyclopædia. He is not in the Philosophical Magazine list, but in the Prospectus as writing on Veterinary Art and Sporting Life.


  • Anatomy of the Horse, 1799
  • Canine Pathology, 1800
  • The Outlines of Veterinary Art, 1802
  • A Domestic Treatise on the diseases of Horses and Dogs, 1803
  • Encyclopaedia of Rural Sports, 1840, second edition 1852 edited by Charles Bindley and others[2]


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