Delaware State University shooting

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Delaware State University shooting
Location Dover, Delaware, United States
Date September 21, 2007 (UTC-4)
Attack type
School shooting
Deaths 1
Non-fatal injuries

The Delaware State University shooting occurred on September 21, 2007 when a perpetrator shot two 17-year-old Delaware State University students from the Washington, D.C. area.

Shalita Middleton, the female victim of the shooting, died 32 days later on October 23,  from critical injuries sustained from the attack.[1]


On September 24, 2007, police arrested Loyer D. Braden, a Delaware State freshman, in his dorm and charged him with attempted first-degree murder.

I question the young man's intelligence in coming back to campus this morning, if that's what he did. Lord knows what was going through his brain. Maybe he thought he was scott-free.

—Carlos Holmes, university spokesman.[2] One victim, Shalita Middleton, died on October 23 from sustained critical wounds.[1]

On September 28, 2007, following Braden's arraignment hearing, the case was transferred to Superior Court for trial. The judge ordered that if Braden makes bail, he would be barred from visiting the DESU campus or contacting potential witnesses.[3]

On May 19, 2009, the charges against Braden were dismissed.[4]

University response[edit]

The university responded within 20 minutes of the shooting to notify students by web announcements, physically entering dorms, and telecommunications.[5] Text messages were not sent at the time of the incident.[6] The campus was kept on "limited access status" from Friday, September 21 through Sunday, September 23, with classes resuming on Monday, September 24.[7] The University has increased security patrols on campus following the incident.[3]


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