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Delay (from Latin: dilatio) may refer to:


Science and technology[edit]

  • Analog delay line, used to delay a signal
  • Bi-directional delay line, a numerical analysis technique used in computer simulation for solving ordinary differential equations by converting them to hyperbolic equations
  • Broadcast delay, a practice of time-shifting transmissions
  • Delay (audio effect), a technology for producing delayed playback of an audio signal
  • Delay differential equation which describes or governs the dynamics of a time-delay system in terms of its values at previous times
  • Delay composition, delay charge or delay train, a pyrotechnic chemical mixture used to delay the firing of an explosion (delay-action bomb)
  • Delay encoding, a radio transmission technique
  • Delay-gradient congestion control, a class of network congestion control algorithms, which react to the differences in round-trip delay time (RTT)
  • Delayed gratification, the ability to resist the temptation for an immediate reward and wait for a later reward
  • Delay line (disambiguation)
  • Delay line memory, a type of random access memory
  • Delay line oscillator, a form of electronic oscillator that uses a delay line as its principal timing element
  • Delay-locked loop (DLL), is a digital electronic circuit similar to a phase-locked loop (PLL)
  • Delay (programming), a programming language construct for delaying evaluation of an expression
  • Delay slot, a computer instruction slot that gets executed without the effects of a preceding instruction
  • Digital delay generator or digital-to-time converter, a piece of electronic test equipment that provides precise delays for triggering, syncing, delaying and gating events
  • Echo
  • End-to-end delay, the time taken for a packet to be transmitted across a network from source to destination
  • Group delay and phase delay, time delay of the amplitude envelopes of the various sinusoidal components of a signal
  • Lag, a term used when a real-time application fails to respond in a timely fashion
  • Network delay, the delay of an IP packet within an IP network
  • One-way delay (OWD), same as End-to-end delay (above)
  • Propagation delay, a measurement of the time for a signal to reach its destination
  • Queuing delay or queueing delay, the time a job waits in a queue until it can be executed
  • Satellite delay, the noticeable latency which occurs due to the speed of light, when sending data to and from satellites
  • Shapiro time delay, a test used to confirm general relativity
  • Speech delay, also known as alalia, refers to a delay in the development or use of the mechanisms that produce speech
  • Time dilation, relativistic effect between two events occurring in different reference frames or gravitational fields
  • Transmission delay, store-and-forward delay or packetization delay, the network delay caused by the data-rate of the link

Entertainment and sports[edit]

  • Delay (game), an official decision to stop a sporting event after commencement
  • Delay of game, an action in a sports game in which a player or team deliberately stalls the game
  • Delay 1968, a 1981 album by German experimental rock band Can
  • The Delay, a 2012 Uruguayan film


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