Delayed Gratification (magazine)

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Delayed Gratification
DG 3D cover.jpg
Issue one of Delayed Gratification
Editor Marcus Webb & Rob Orchard
Staff writers James Montague, Matthew Lee, Loes Witschge, Christian Tate (Art Director)
Categories News/Culture/Art/Politics/Sport/Current Affairs
Frequency Quarterly
First issue 10 January 2011
Company Slow Journalism Company
Country UK
Based in London
Language English

Delayed Gratification is a quarterly magazine published in the United Kingdom by The Slow Journalism Company.[1] The magazine is an example of the slow movement and is described as 'an antidote to throwaway media'.[1] It covers the news events of the previous three months after the dust has settled. Its slogan is 'last to breaking news'.

The first issue was published in January 2011. The magazine features daily summaries for the quarter covered, plus long-form articles, photo features and infographics on the biggest stories of the period.[2] Each issue features cover art by a different artist. Issue one featured the piece "Freedom Of The Press" by Shepard Fairey.[2][2] The magazine is edited by Marcus Webb, the International Editor of Time Out and publisher Rob Orchard.[2][3]

Delayed Gratification is being sold through its website, and distributed in independent shops in the UK and around the world.


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