Delfim Modesto Brandão

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Delfim Modesto Brandão
Delfim Modesto Brandão - statue.jpg
Civil and Governative Judge of the Couto Misto
In office
January 1863 – ca 1865
Personal details
Born 1835
Tourém, Portugal

Delfim Modesto Brandão (1835 – ?), also spelt with Galician orthography as Delfín Modesto Brandón, was the second to last "Juiz" (head of state) of the Couto Misto, taking office in January 1863, according to his memoirs, and followed by one last "Juiz" whose mandate ceased with the partition and formal annexation of the territory by Spain and Portugal on June 23, 1868.

He was born in Tourém, a parish of the Portuguese municipality of Montalegre, but moved to the bordering Couto Misto. At the age of 28 he assumed the position of "Civil and Governative Judge" (formal title of the heads of state of the Couto Misto), being elected to put an end to continuous abuses and breaches of the microstate's sovereignty by Portuguese and Spanish authorities. He resigned from office when the partition and annexation of the territory was imminent.

In 1904 he completed a memoir with his account of the last decades of the Couto Misto up to its extinction. These memoirs were published in Spanish in 1907 as Interesante Historieta del Coto Mixto.[1]

He served as an officer ("Oficial quinto") in the Spanish postal administration of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico between 1881 and 1885.


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