Delirium (Wrathchild album)

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Wrathchild 5 album.jpg
Studio album by
GenreGlam metal
LabelFM Revolver Records
Wrathchild chronology
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Delirium is an album by Wrathchild, released in 1989. It marks the final appearances of Rocky Shades and Lance Rocket.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Delirium"
  2. "Watch Me Shake Me"
  3. "That's What U Get (When U Fall in Love)"
  4. "My Girlz"
  5. "Long Way 2 Go"
  6. "Good Girlz"
  7. "Do What U Wanna"
  8. "Kid Pusher"
  9. "She's High on Luv"
  10. "Rokk Me Over"
  11. "Only 4 the Fun"
  12. "Drive Me Krazy"

Band members[edit]

  • Rocky Shades - vocals
  • Lance Rocket - guitar
  • Marc Angel - bass
  • Eddie Starr - drums