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Della is a female given name, a variant of Adela, and may refer to:

  • Della, a 1964 television pilot film starring Joan Crawford
  • Della Alexander, a fictional character in the soap opera EastEnders
  • Della Duck, a fictional character and twin sister to Donald Duck
  • Della Street, the fictional secretary of Perry Mason

People with the given name Della:

  • Della Au Belatti (born 1974), Democratic member of the Hawaii House of Representatives
  • Della Davidson (1951-2012), American modern dancer and choreographer
  • Della Jones (born 1946), Welsh opera and concert mezzo-soprano singer
  • Della Moore (circa 1880–1926), American prostitute
  • Della Purves (1945–2008), British botanical artist
  • Della Reese (born 1931), American Emmy-nominated actor and Grammy-nominated singer
  • Della Sehorn (1927–2001), competitive breaststroke swimmer
  • Della Woods (21st century), dragster driver
  • Della Ding (born 1982), or Ding Dang, Chinese pop singer

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