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Della Burford (born in Saskatoon on January 5, 1946) raised in Ottawa, Eston and Edmonton and is a Canadian artist and writer.

Burford has a certificate from NYSID and graduate degrees from the University of Alberta and Queen’s University. Her Sacred Visionary Art has been inspired by dream, different cultures including India, ancient Celtic knowledge, shamanism, and imagination. She was a Design teacher at Humber College North for six years. She has done storytelling, readings, live painting, writing and storytelling workshops at events and schools in Canada and internationally. Her books were plays in New York with Imaginations Unlimited. Two performances were at the Third Street School Settlement in New York and the Smithsonian Institution Discovery Theatre in Washington. She studied shamanistic clowning with Richard Pochinko. She worked decades as an Inner City Angel artist in Toronto. Della was taught painting by her mother Desiree Burford who was a student of Jack Shadbolt. Burford has created 30 years of Visionary “Dream Wheels”. She presently lives on Vancouver Island.


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