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Delp and Goudreau
Studio album by Brad Delp and Barry Goudreau
Released 2003,[1] 2011[2]
Recorded 2003-2007, Goudreau's home studio
Genre Rock[3]
Length 40:34
Label Delp and Goudreau,[4] CD Baby,[2] Frontiers
Producer Barry Goudreau

Delp And Goudreau features Brad Delp and Barry Goudreau with Tim Archibald, Brian Maes, David Stefanelli, Patty Barkus, Lou Spagnola, and Jack o-Soro.[5] The album was recorded in Goudreau's home studio, featuring new tracks written by Delp and Goudreau.[4] Archibald, Maes and Stefanelli also served in Delp and Goudreau's post-Boston RTZ and played on their first and second records.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "What You Leave Behind" Brad Delp, Barry Goudreau 3:42
2. "Hands of Time" Delp, Goudreau, David Stefanelli 4:18
3. "Let It Roll" Delp, Goudreau 4:02
4. "Out of My Hands" Delp, Goudreau 4:14
5. "Keep On Runnin'" Goudreau 3:54
6. "Everyday" Delp, Goudreau 3:41
7. "I Need Your Love" Delp, Goudreau 4:02
8. "The Rhythm Won't Stop" Delp, Goudreau 4:06
9. "Reconciliation" Delp, Goudreau 4:11
10. "My One True Love" Delp, Brian Maes[note 1][note 2] 4:24


  • Brad Delp: Main Vocal
  • Patty Barkus: Vocal Backing
  • Barry Goudreau: Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
  • Brian Maes: Keyboards, Acoustic and Electric Piano, Organ
  • Tim Archibald, Lou Spagnola: Bass
  • David Stefanelli: Drums, Percussion
  • Mike Farius: Congas[note 1]


The album was arranged by Brad Delp and Barry Goudreau. Tracks 1-9 were produced and recorded by Barry Goudreau. They were mixed and mastered by Dan Tarlow. "My One True Love" was produced, recorded and mixed by Dan Tarlow. It was mastered by Henk Kooistra.


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