Demetrius Ducas

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Demetrios Doukas of Crete (Greek: Δημήτριος Δούκας, Latin: Demetrius Ducas Cretensis; c.1480–c.1527) was a professor of Greek in Spain and teacher of many Spanish humanists. Originally a member of the Greek community in Venice (dating from the Fall of Constantinople, 1453), Ducas moved to Spain and took part in the editing of the Complutensian Polyglot Bible. He was succeeded as chair of Greek by Hernán Núñez de Toledo y Guzmán in 1519.[1]


  1. ^ Studies in Church History Volume V - Page 133 "Demetrius Ducas of Crete was probably the chief editor of the Greek parts of the Polyglot, although Zuniga and Nunez de Guzman were the more famous names. He held the chair of Greek at San Ildefonso from 1513 and was concerned with .."