Demi Monde Bizarros

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Demi Monde Bizarros
Studio album by Notre Dame
Released February 16, 2004
Genre Goth Rock
Black Metal
Length 41:15
Label Osmose Productions
Producer Snowy Shaw
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]

Demi Monde Bizarros subtitled "Songs about sex, satan and sado-masochism" is the fourth and last album by the Swedish metal band Notre Dame, released with two different covers.The album has 14 songs and it closes with two live tracks, one of them being a cover song, that fit the studio tracks quite well and re-enforce the theatrical atmosphere even more.[2]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "The Thing..." (Instrumental) 0:46
2. "Munsters!" 3:26
3. "The Ride" (Instrumental) 0:30
4. "My Ride into Afterlife" 6:47
5. "The Stripper" 3:04
6. "Verbal Diarrhoea" 3:31
7. "Bon Voyage Mutherfucker!" (Instrumental) 1:57
8. "The Master, The Servant and the Slave" 3:49
9. "Beyond the Threshold of Pain" 3:25
10. "Hitmusic for Hitmen" 3:08
11. "Demi Monde Bizarros" 2:41
12. "S/S Hellride" (Instrumental) 2:00
13. "These Boots Are Made for Walking (live)" (Nancy Sinatra Cover) 4:33
14. "The Wurld Is Sick...And So Are We (live)" 1:30
Total length: 41:15



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