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Type Weekly newspaper
Founder(s) The European Institute for Political Studies in Moldova
Editor-in-chief Ala Mândâcanu (2001-2004), Cornel Ciurea (2006-2009)
Founded December 2001
Political alignment It was close to the Social Liberal Party (Moldova)
Language Romanian
Ceased publication April 5, 2009
Headquarters Chişinău
Circulation 3,500 (February 2008)

Democrația (Romanian for "Democracy") was a weekly newspaper from the Republic of Moldova, published between December 2001 and April 5, 2009. The editors in chief were Ala Mândâcanu (2001–2004) [1] and Cornel Ciurea (2006–2009).[2] The weekly newspaper was close to the Social Liberal Party (Moldova), Cornel Ciurea was serving as a deputy president of the party.[3]


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