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Democratic Youth League of Japan (日本民主青年同盟, Nihon Minshu Seinen Domei; abbreviated to 民青 Minsei) is a voluntary political youth organization in Japan.

DYLJ is the youth wing of the Japanese Communist Party and a member of the World Federation of Democratic Youth. It is defined by its purpose as a "voluntary youth organization in response to a keen demand of the youth, aiming towards a better life, peace, independence, democracy and social progress".[1] Its main activities are the peace movement, oppistion to tuition hikes, petitions, volunteer work and educational activities and the like.


The DYLJ was formed on April 5, 1923 in the Empire of Japan as the Japanese Communist Youth League, influenced by the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. Like the JCP, it foucused on suffrage for young Japanese aged 18 and above, the overthrow of the "Emperor system", equal pay for equal work and opposition of militarization.

After World War II, the Japan Youth Communist League was established. Later on, it was renamed the Japan Democratic Youth League. After the return of the JCP's ideology of scientific socialism, it was renamed the Democratic Youth Lague of Japan.


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