Den Za Den

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Den Za Den
Den Za Den.jpg
Background information
OriginSkopje, SR Macedonia, SFR Yugoslavia
GenresJazz rock, instrumental rock, folk rock
Years active1978 – 1980
Past membersDragiša Soldatović
Vladimir Jankulovski
Dmitar Čočorovski
Siniša Stojanovski
Arian Dema

Den Za Den (Macedonian: Ден За Ден; trans. Day After Day) was a Yugoslav jazz rock group from Skopje.

Band history[edit]

1978 - 1980[edit]

Den Za Den was formed in 1978.[1] The first lineup of the band featured Dragiša Soldatović (keyboards), Vladimir Jankulovski (bass guitar), Dmitar Čočorovski (drums) and Siniša Stojanovski (guitar).[1] During the year, the band made their first recordings, for RTV Skopje.[1] In October of the same year, they were joined by second guitarist, Arijan Dema (a former Pu member).[1]

In 1978, the band appeared on BOOM Festival.[1] In 1979, they appeared on Festival Omladina and on the Rock Evening of Opatija Festival.[1] The song "Ciganka" ("Gypsy") they performed on the Opatija Festival was released on various artists album Opatija '79 - Rock grupe (Opatija '79 - Rock Bands) during the same year.[2] In 1980, the band released their debut album, produced by Ivo Umek and entitled simply Den Za Den.[1] During the same year, the band once again appeared on Opatija Festival, and the song "Jutro i noć" ("Morning and Night") appeared on the various artists album JRT - Opatija '80 - Rock veče (JRT - Opatija '80 - Rock Evening).[3] However, Den Za Den saw little attention in the media, and the band ended their activity soon after.[1]

Post breakup[edit]

Dragiša Soldatović continued his career as a member of the jazz band Labish Trio, which he formed with bass guitarist Zoran Pavlovski and drummer Koki Dimuševski. They released their debut album, Labish Trio, in 1996.[1] In 1998, Labish Trio recorded their second album, Dream, in the lineup that featured Soldatović on piano, Darko Mučov on bass guitar and Goce Stefkovski on drums.[1]


Studio albums[edit]

  • Den Za Den (1980)

Other appearances[edit]

  • "Ciganka" (Opatija '79 - Rock grupe, 1979)
  • "Jutro i noć" (JRT - Opatija '80 - Rock veče, 1980)
  • "Den za den" (Jazz Fair / Sajam jazza, 1980)


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