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Season of Epiphany
Icon depicting the baptism of Jesus
Observed byEast Syriac Christians
TypeChristian, cultural
SignificanceCommemoration of revelation of holy trinity and ministry of Jesus
ObservancesChurch services
BeginsSunday on or before feast of Baptism of the lord
Related toEpiphany of Jesus, Baptism of the lord Syro Malabar Church

Denha or the Season of Epiphany is the second liturgical season in the East Syriac Rite. Weeks of Epiphany begins on the Sunday closer to the feast of Epiphany and runs to the beginning of Great Fast.

The word Denha in Syriac means sunrise. During the period the faithful meditates on the manifestation of Holy trinity and revelation of Christ the light of the world. Baptism in Jordan was the first historical event when the Holy Trinity is revealed to humans in the humanity of Jesus Christ. During the season church celebrate the feasts of Saints in connection with the manifestation of the Lord. Feasts celebrated during the period:

Length of the season varies from four to seven weeks according to the date of Easter. Years during which season is shorter the feasts on fourth to sixth Fridays shall be removed accordingly, however the feast of all departed faithful is celebrated on last Friday of Epiphany every year.