Denis Mandarino

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Denis Mandarino
Denis Mandarino self portraite.jpg
Self-portrait (2006), 50 × 70 cm, acrylic on canvas
Background information
Born (1964-05-07) May 7, 1964 (age 53)
São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Genres MPB, classical, rock
Instruments Guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, mandolin
Years active 1983–present
Associated acts Versatilism, Figurativism,[1] Internet art[2]
Notable instruments
iGuitar Brian Moore, Variax acoustic guitars

Denis Mandarino (Denis Garcia Mandarino: born May 7, 1964 in São Paulo, Brazil) is a Brazilian composer, artist and writer,[3] and a disciple of Hans-Joachim Koellreutter in choral conducting and aesthetics.[4]

He proposed a theory about four-dimensional perception, which states the concepts behind the renaissance perspective involving four dimensions instead of three dimensions assigned to it.[5] These studies culminated in the development of the method of the four-dimensional perspective.[6]

Mandarino wrote the Versatilist manifesto (2007).[7][8]


Versatilism is an artistic movement proposed in 2007, from a literary manifesto,[7] with the intention of freeing people from the expert analysis and promoting the practice of art as a form of self-knowledge and spiritual enhancement. In the body of text are present the following aesthetic principles and propositions:

  1. Eternal life, the existence of God and the spirit;
  2. Untying the artistic practice of the art market and self-centeredness;[8]
  3. The search for artistic expressions that promote humanity and society, respecting the present level of consciousness of the artist;
  4. Continuously changing level of consciousness and learning process as infinite;
  5. The absence of art competitions;
  6. Questioning the role of the art critic for the inability to assess the man, his neighbor, in an impartial and timeless.

"New ideas are hard to identify, hard to assimilate, and only detachment may be able to evaluate them in a more open way. When a man assumes the role of giving the verdict about what artists are doing, or the society gives him this role, we are one step closer to repeat the greatest injustices that men of science, philosophy, arts and religion have suffered throughout history." – Interview about the Versatilist Manifesto[9]

Quadriptych Observation in time (1997), 240 × 160 cm, acrylic on canvas
Four-dimensional perspective with nine vanishing points. The ninth point is outside the limits of the canvas.[10]

Four-dimensional perspective[edit]

After spending four years writing the Theory of four-dimensional perception (1995), Mandarino developed a new method, in a subject for many years stagnant. In the perspective of four dimensions, the observer is not a static element (fixed point), as one sees in traditional processes.[11]

In Observation in time (1997) can be found nine different vanishing points and horizon lines, representing different moments of an observer who turns his head and moves vertically and horizontally.[12]

This kind of painting admits curved or spherical canvas.[12]


The discography includes the following albums:[13][14]

  1. Volume 1 – 2003
  2. Tributo – 2004
  3. Peças para Violão – 2005
  4. Instrumental – 2006
  5. Musa – 2007
  6. Renascentieval – 2008
  7. A Sociedade do Rei e o Xadrez – 2009
  8. Um toque de humor – 2009
  9. Improvisos, variações, releituras... – 2010
  10. Reconstruções – 2011
  11. Tributo 2 – 2012
  12. Versátil – 2013





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