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Denizen may refer to:

  • An inhabitant of a place, or one who dwells in a place, whether local, regional or national.
  • A person with rights between those of a citizen and a resident alien, e.g.:
    • Free Negro, a non-slave black person in the United States, prior to the abolition of slavery
    • Unassimilated Native American considered a citizen of a tribal domestic nation but not of the United States or any state
    • Denization, an obsolete Common Law process by which a foreigner gained some rights of a British subject
  • Denizen Hotels, a hotel chain owned by the Hilton Hotels Corporation
  • Denizen (video game), a computer game published by Players Software in 1988
  • Denizen (film), a 2010 feature film directed, written and produced by J.A. Steel

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