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Mural – Crime & Lake Street Art 2012
Berlin Wall Art at Ronald Reagan Library. 2000
Mural Street Art by Crime 1997
Denots Crew - Berlin Wall Graffiti 1988
CASCAOS – Denots Crew - Berlin Wall Graffiti 1987
Denots Crew Mural 1986
Rone Denots Crew - Berlin Wall Graffiti 1985

The Denots Crew (TDC) is a group of international Street artists, musicians and dancer. Their artwork and music productions pushed Berlin Hip-Hop- and Graffiti History since 1982 to europes main cities of today.


  • Graffiti - group "The Unknown 3" (Deza aka Combo, Crime, Crazy Colour, from 1985 Rebel and since 1987 Kaos)
  • German Rap-group: "The Denots Crew"
  • German Breakdance Group "Ku-Damm"
  • German Punk Rock Band "Razzia"

Those 4 groups started separately but became one as the Denots Crew because of their affinity to Skateboarding and their hometown Märkisches Viertel a huge skyskraper district up on north of Berlin.

Beginning "The Early Days 80´s"[edit]

At the beginning of the 80´s Berlin West still surrounded by the Berlin Wall. American HipHop has hardly been seen on the Streets of Europe. But it changed suddenly. Nearly at the same time. And all over Europe´s main cities like Berlin, Paris, London and Amsterdam. In Berlin The Denots Crew started with Breakdance Shows on a popular tourist place called Kudamm. And they painted the first Street Art on Berlin Wall in 1983 which became the origin East Side Gallery later on. In 1986 Denots Crew met up with Keith Haring while he had painted 100m of the Berlin Wall. Denots Crew continued experimentally and started the integration of American HipHop cultur into Berlins youth. Just Like other pioneers of europes HipHop Culture like Mode2 in London, Niels Shoe Meulman in Amsterdam and Ash (artist) from the Bad Boys Crew in Paris.

Denots Crew Today[edit]

Since the early 90´s most of the Denots Crew members are involved in variable social or commercial projects worldwide. Many of the origins denots Crew Artworks are still alive. Inside and outside Berlins. For example. A segment of the Berlin Wall on display at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California, 2004 Art by Kaos. A Berlin Wall Art Relict in Bedok Reservoir Park in Singapore. 2010 Artist: Kaos. Today The Denots Crew is named and known as the pioneers of the Berlin Hip Hop Scene.


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  • "Hallo Nachbar" Press 1997, Denots Crew commercial Mural Project
  • Interview: Rebel MC. 25 years German Hip Hop Scene, Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf, 2000
  • "Style 1983 Graffiti by Crime TDC". 2009 Goethe-Institut Stockholm "Graffiti and other Art on the Berlin Wall" by Johannes Stahl

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