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Der Schlangemann is a freely available 7 minute short film in pseudo-German made by Andreas Hansson and Björn Renberg in Umeå, Sweden, 1998–2000. The film is in the form of an advertisement for a toy called Schlangemann, a Ken doll with an interchangeable penis in 3 sizes: normal, large, and gigantic. Der Schlangemann received the audience award for best short film at the 13th Annual Horror and Fantasy Film Festival in San Sebastián, Spain, November 2002.

False scientific work[edit]

The name of a fictional man named "Herbert Schlangemann" was used to publish false scientific articles in international conferences that are suspected to be, at least partially, frauds.

  • In 2008, after receiving a series of Call-for-Paper e-mails, a couple of students used the SCIgen computer program to generate a false scientific paper titled Towards the Simulation of E-Commerce, using "Herbert Schlangemann" as the author. The article was accepted at the 2008 International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE 2008), co-sponsored by the IEEE, to be held in Wuhan, China, and the author was invited to be a session chair on grounds of his fictional Curriculum Vitae.[1] The paper was available for a short time in the IEEE Xplore Database but was then removed. The entire story is described in the official "Herbert Schlangemann" blog,[2] and it also received attention in Slashdot[3] and the German-language technology-news site Heise Online.[4][5]
  • In 2009, the same incident happened and Herbert Schlangemann's latest fake paper PlusPug: A Methodology for the Improvement of Local-Area Networks was accepted for oral presentation at the 2009 International Conference on e-Business and Information System Security (EBISS 2009), also co-sponsored by IEEE, to be held again in Wuhan, China.[2]

In all cases, the published papers were withdrawn from the conferences' proceedings, and the conference organizing committee as well as the names of the keynote speakers were removed from their websites.


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