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The Xingcha Shenglan (星槎勝覽; lit. The Overall Survey of the Star Raft) was a historical work written by Fei Xin.[1] Fei Xin served as a soldier in the third, fifth, and seventh Ming treasure voyages under the command of Admiral Zheng He.[1] The book contains descriptions of foreign places that the Chinese mariners had seen. The literary term "star raft" refers to an ambassador's flagship.[2]

According to Dreyer (2007), Fei Xin's book was strongly influenced by Ma Huan's Yingya Shenglan.[1] Ma Huan was a translator and interpreter on Zheng He's fourth, sixth, and seventh treasure voyage.[1]

Fei Xin's original work comprised two chapters.[3] However, he rewrote and illustrated the initial work before presenting it to the court.[3]

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