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Desingu Raja
Desingu Raja Poster.jpg
Promotional poster
Directed byEzhil
Produced byMadhan
Written by
  • Ezhil
  • N. Rajasekhar (dialogues)
Music byD. Imman
CinematographySooraj Nallusami
Edited byGopi Krishna
Distributed byOlympia Movies
Khafa Exports (Overseas)
Release date
  • 23 August 2013 (2013-08-23)
Budget5 crore (US$700,000)
Box officeest.30 crore (US$4.2 million)

Desingu Raja (Tamil: தேசிங்கு ராஜா; English: King Desingu) is a 2013 Indian Tamil comedy film directed by Ezhil and starring Vimal and Bindu Madhavi.[1] The film is set in two villages which are perpetually at conflict with one another.[2] The film has been extensively shot in Thanjavur, Kumbakonam and Chennai.[3] The film was released on 23 August 2013[4][5] to favorable reviews and become a blockbuster.


Idhayakani (Vimal), who hails from the village Killioru, is a firm believer in nonviolence. The ongoing feud between his family and the family of Cheena Thaana (Gnanavel) from the neighboring village of Pulioru is a source of constant worry for him. Though their rivalry began on a minor issue, many lives were sacrificed over the years. Idhayakani's father (Aadukalam Naren) is killed by Cheena Thaana. Angered by his son's death, Idhayakani's grandfather (Vinu Chakravarthy) retaliates by killing Cheena Thaana's son. Cheena Thaana vows to kill Idhayakani. Meanwhile, Idhayakani meets Cheena Thaana's daughter Thamarai (Bindu Madhavi) at a temple festival and falls deeply in love with her. Chaos ensues when both realize who their families are, and the respective sets of parents and villagers object to their romance. Idhayakani marries Thamarai at a temple, and Cheena Thaana gets killed by Idhayakani's grandfather's henchmen. Thus, Thamarai develops hatred towards Idhayakani for her father's death. According to Panchayat, Thamarai goes to Idhayakani's home with her family in order to kill Idhayakani, but they fail in their attempts. When Chitappa (Ravi Mariya) hears that Thamarai is pregnant, he is determine to kill her child, but Thamarai's uncle Surya (Soori) tries to give strength tonic instead of poison to Thamarai, which makes her safe. In the climax, Killiooru organizes a Kabaddi match in Puliooru. Chitappa arrives at the place by kidnapping Thamarai and her mother (Vanitha Krishnachandran), but Idhayakani's uncle Koushik (Singampuli) was kidnapped instead of Thamarai. It turns out that Surya had saved her. Chitappa arrives to kill Idhayakani, but the presence of Cheergirls makes him undergo a change of heart. He then dances to the tune of Gangnam Style and accepts Idhayakani wholeheartedly.


  • Vimal as Idhayakani, a man who hails from Killioru
  • Bindu Madhavi as Thamarai, Cheena Thaana's daughter whom Idhayakani falls in love with
  • Soori as Suriya, Thamarai's uncle who saves her from a poison attempt
  • Singampuli as Koushik, Idhayakani's uncle who gets kidnapped by Chitappa
  • Ravi Mariya as Chitappa, a man who wants to kill Thamarai's child and kidnap Thamarai and her mother
  • Gnanavel as Cheena Thaana, Thamarai's father who kills Idhayakani's father but gets killed by Idhayakani's grandfather's henchmen
  • Aadukalam Naren as Idhayakani's father who gets killed by Cheena Thaana
  • Vinu Chakravarthy as Idhayakani's grandfather who kills Cheena Thaana's son and whose henchmen kill Cheena Thaana
  • Vanitha Krishnachandran as Thamarai's mother who ends up being a kidnap victim of Chitappa
  • Charle
  • Vadivukkarasi
  • Suzane George
  • Chaams
  • Singamuthu
  • Muktha Bhanu : special appearance in song "Nelavattam"
  • Venniradai Moorthy : special appearance in song "Pom Pom"
  • Swaminathan : special appearance in song "Pom Pom"


After a fairly successful outing with Manam Kothi Paravai, director Ezhil started his next titled Desingu Raja, which was in a similar genre rural comedy. He roped in Vimal to play the lead Idhayakani, who has been named so by his parents and is a diehard MGR fan.[2] Bindu Madhavi was signed to play the female lead as a Rajini fanatic in the movie, thus pairing with Vimal for second time after Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga.[6] She said "I play a cheerful, naughty village girl".[7] Muktha Bhanu danced for one song along with Vimal and the group dancers which was shot in Thiruvarur.[8]

Sify reported that the film was nearly 50% complete in December 2012.[9] In April 2013 a song sequence featuring Vimal and Bindu Madhavi was shot for almost ten days in a set worth 15 lakhs.[10] In May 2013 the crew shot a song sequence for 10 days with Vimal and Bindu Madhavi in a set resembling a fruit godown.[11]


Desingu Raja
Soundtrack album to Desingu Raja by
Released14 June 2013
GenreFeature film soundtrack
LabelSony Music India
ProducerD. Imman
D. Imman chronology
Desingu Raja
Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam

After Manam Kothi Paravai, D. Imman collaborates with Ezhil for second time and his first collaboration with Vimal. The soundtrack contains 5 songs which was written by Yugabharathi. Single track "Ammadi Ammadi" was released on 25 May 2013.[12] The audio was released on 14 June 2013 at Suryan FM Radio station.[13][14] Behindwoods wrote:"Folksy and well produced".[15] Yaarume Kekkave Illa was not included in the film.

Track list[edit]

All lyrics are written by Yugabharathi.

1."Ammadi Ammadi"Shreya Ghoshal 
2."Oru Ora Ora Paarvai"Balram 
3."Nelaavattam Nethiyile"Harini, P. Unni Krishnan 
4."Yaarume Kekkave Illa"S. P. Balasubramaniam 
5."Pom Pom"Vijay Prakash 
6."Ammadi Ammadi" (Karaoke version)Instrumental 
7."Oru Ora Ora Paarvai" (Karaoke version)Instrumental 
8."Nelaavattam Nethiyile" (Karaoke version)Instrumental 
9."Yaarume Kekkave Illa" (Karaoke version)Instrumental 
10."Pom Pom" (Karaoke version)Instrumental 


The satellite rights of the film were sold to Zee Thamizh. The film was given a "U" certificate by the Indian Censor Board. The film was supposed to release on 15 July and got postponed to 9 August but due to release of Thalaivaa, it got postponed and finally released on 23 August.[16][17] The film released in 300+ screens across TN.[18]

Critical reception[edit]

The film opened to mixed reviews from critics. Rediff gave it a 2.5/5 & wrote: "The unconvincing storyline may not hold your attention, also some unfunny comic elements in the film will not certainly keep you entertained throughout".[19] Behindwoods gave it a 1.5/5 & wrote: "On the whole, Desingu Raja doesn’t have much going for it as this blend of comedy, romance and family drama is one that has been done to death many times".[20] Deccan Herald also gave it a 1.5/5 wrote: "It's an unambitious film on a mission to entertain its viewers with full-length comedy. Honestly, it doesn't succeed in its mission because the forced humour does not even works for a few minutes, but after a while it really tests your patience".[21] The Times of India gave it a 2.5/5 and wrote: "You will not like this film if you are looking for a rural comedy that feels fresh and funny".[22] The Hindu wrote: "Desingu Raja is about the union of a couple from feuding villages, but it’s really a cautionary tale about making movies with no jokes and no script".[23]


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