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Desmond Nethersole-Thompson (1908-1989) was a British teacher, ornithologist and writer. Although brought up in the south of England, from the 1930s he spent most of his life in Scotland and is notable for his contribution to ornithology through his monographs on various birds of the Scottish Highlands, as well as his other writings.


Books authored or coauthored by Nethersole-Thompson include:

  • 1951 – The Greenshank (New Naturalist Monograph no.5), Collins: London
  • 1966 – The Snow Bunting, Oliver & Boyd: Edinburgh
  • 1971 – Highland Birds (Highland Life series), Highlands and Islands Development Board; London, ISBN 0-00-411157-5
  • 1974 – The Cairngorms: their natural history and scenery, Collins: London, ISBN 0-00-212053-4
  • 1975 – Pine Crossbills: a Scottish Contribution, Poyser: Berkhamsted, ISBN 0-85661-011-9
  • 1979 – Greenshanks, (with Maimie Nethersole-Thompson), Poyser: Berkhamsted, ISBN 0-85661-022-4
  • 1986 – Waders, their breeding, haunts and watchers, (with Maimie Nethersole-Thompson), Poyser: Calton, ISBN 0-85661-042-9
  • 1988 – The Oystercatcher, (Shire Natural History), Shire Publications, ISBN 0-85263-949-X
  • 1992 – In Search of Breeding Birds, Peregrine Books: Leeds, ISBN 0-9520268-0-5
  • 2002 – Tundra Plovers: the Eurasian, Pacific and American Golden Plovers, and Grey Plover, (with Ingvar Byrkjedal and Des Thompson), Poyser