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Determined to Develop Malawi Africa Logo
Determined to Develop
FounderMatt Maroon
Area served
MethodVolunteering, Aid

Determined to Develop is a registered 501(c)(3) United States charity working in Malawi, Africa. Determined to Develop operates from the Chilumba area in the Karonga District of Northern Malawi. Determined to Develop was established in 2009 by founder Matt Maroon as a way to help the people of Malawi.[2][3]


Determined to Develop was established in 2009 by founder Matt Maroon who has lived in Malawi since 2006.[4][5] After obtaining his graduate degree in anthropology, Matt moved to a rural part of Malawi and began laying the foundations for an on-the-ground operations, partnering with Malawian people and connecting with the community in a way that few “outsiders” ever had.[6][5][7]

Determined to Develop moved from a passive to an active Board in 2013 and was able to recruit directors who would ensure planning, oversight and funding was achieved in the long term, in order to realize Determined to Develop’s extended goals of development and solvency well into the future.[8] Within Malawi, Determine to Develop founder Matt Maroon is also the country manager for Lattitude Global Volunteering, a UK based charity which provides service opportunities for young people to teach in secondary schools within Malawi.[9] Matt also formerly lectured at the University of Livingstonia where he held the post of Dean of the College of Social Sciences.[10][11]

In 2017, Determined to Develop commissioned a new boarding high school, Wasambo Boys High School which has established a national reach within its first year of inception.[12] The first year class of 75 students, is led by an international faculty, combining a half Malawian and have western-based staff.


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