Detroit Internet Exchange

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Detroit Internet Exchange
Location United States, Detroit, Michigan
Peak34.05 Gbit/s As of February 2018
Peak in34.05 Gbit/s As of February 2018
Peak out34.44 Gbit/s As of February 2018
Daily (avg.)18.723 Gbit/s As of February 2018
Daily in (avg.)18.723 Gbit/s As of February 2018
Daily out (avg.)18.723 Gbit/s As of February 2018

Detroit Internet Exchange ("DET-IX") is an Internet exchange point (IXP) located inside 123Net DC1 in Detroit, Michigan. It was founded in 2014 to help establish peering for local and regional Internet service providers. This IXP currently has 15 members,[1] with a maximum throughput of 40 Gbit/s. DET-IX is the first peering exchange of its kind in Detroit. [2]

The DET-IX switching fabric consists of multiple high capacity switches interconnected together. DET-IX members connect via 1G or a 10G port. Members can pass traffic directly between one another, rather than purchasing through a third party provider. Further, the traffic stays local via the IXP as opposed to being routed in another major city. [3]


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