Devapathiraja College

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Devapathiraja College
දේවපතිරාජ විද්‍යාලය
Devapathiraja College Emblem
Sri Lanka
Coordinates 6°06′11″N 80°08′55″E / 6.1030079°N 80.1486151°E / 6.1030079; 80.1486151Coordinates: 6°06′11″N 80°08′55″E / 6.1030079°N 80.1486151°E / 6.1030079; 80.1486151
Type National

"විජ්ජා උපපතතං සෙට්ඨා"

Vidya Upapaththan setta
Established 1920
Founder Philanthropist Sir Ernest de Silva
Principal M.W.R.Alwis
Grades Class 6 – 13
Gender Boys and Girls
Age range 12 to 19
Enrollment 2200
Affiliation Buddhist

Devapathiraja College is a Sri Lankan educational establishment situated in the coastal town of Rathgama. It is the first free Buddhist English school in the South. It was founded in 1920 by Philanthropist Sir Ernest de Silva. It was damaged by tsunami in 2004 and relocated to the country 1.5km away from the coastline.