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Cover of Devashard At First Light  (2008 Fluid Friction Comics)
Art by Simon Bisley
Publication information
PublisherFluid Comics
FormatOngoing series
Publication dateJune 2008
No. of issues25
Creative team
Written byZen
Penciller(s)Keith Burns
Inker(s)Ken Cheung
Letterer(s)Keith Burns
Colorist(s)Johnny Tam
Collected editions
At First LightISBN 988-17-2451-1

DevaShard is a manhua series projected to run for a total of 25 graphic books, with each book being 52 pages long. The first book in the series is DevaShard: At First Light. It is the first publication from Fluid Comics.

The story is inspired by the ancient Indian mythological text the Mahabharata and focuses around the life story of the character Karna.


Bhumi is the world created by Fluid Comics in which DevaShard and the stories in other titles take place. Bhumi contains many lands, each of which has different landscapes, individual weather patterns and its own wildlife. Each land is also populated by people with distinct appearances, history, culture and civilisations.


The series consists of:

Film adaptation[edit]

DevaShard was optioned by Vanquish Motion Pictures in 2009 and is currently planned for full production. Kevin Grevioux of Underworld fame has come on board to oversee the script writing process and to act as Executive Producer on the film, with a screenplay by Heather Kenealy, Jay Douglas and Nav Gupta.[1] The movie of this epic story is due to be in the cinema in late 2012 in the US with release in the UK, India and China in early 2013.[needs update]


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