Devil in the Flesh (1998 film)

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For the Raymond Radiguet novel and films based thereon, see Le Diable au corps.
Devil in the Flesh
Directed by Steve Cohen
Produced by Robert Baruc
John Fremes
Written by Kurt Anderson and Richard Brandes
Starring Rose McGowan
Alex McArthur
Peg Shirley
J.C. Brandy
Phil Morris
Robert Silver
Sherrie Rose
Ryan Bittle
Release date
August 21, 1998
Running time
99 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Devil in the Flesh is a 1998 American thriller film starring Rose McGowan. The film was also released under the title Dearly Devoted. It was co-scripted by Kelly Carlin-McCall but is not based on the twice-filmed Raymond Radiguet novel Le Diable au corps (The Devil in the Flesh).


The film follows a beautiful but troubled young girl, Debbie Strand (Rose McGowan) placed in foster care with her estranged grandmother (Peg Shirley) in Los Angeles after her mother and teacher die in a suspicious house fire. Her grandmother is an extremely strict, fundamentalist Christian, who is convinced that her granddaughter is exactly like her mother. She forces Debbie to wear her clothes instead of buying her a new wardrobe, and abuses her by beating her with her walking cane. When she tells Debbie she's putting her in a reform school, Debbie yanks her cane out of her hands and beats her to death with it.

Debbie soon becomes enthralled with Peter Rinaldi (Alex McArthur), an English teacher at her new high school. However, Peter has a fiancée named Marilyn and strong scruples, so he repeatedly rejects Debbie's advances. Before long, Peter finds that his life is ruined and the bodies are piling up. During the hectic climax, Debbie breaks into Marilyn's home with the intention of wiping her out. Peter soon realizes Debbie is there and is quickly on his way. Meanwhile, Debbie confronts Marilyn. Marilyn runs through the kitchen, but Debbie tackles her to the ground. After a brief scuffle, Debbie is too strong as she knocks the helpless Marilyn unconscious. As she attempts to murder her, Peter rushes in and saves the day.


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