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Dexter "Dex" Manley is an American commercial and video game voice actor. He has worked under 300 commercials and 25 video games.[1] He worked for Microsoft, Boeing Company, Alaska Airlines, and others. Dexter extensively worked for Nintendo, providing voice for many Mario and Donkey Kong games. He voiced Barry DeJay and Buddy Cheque in the Backyard Sports series, often working with his Mario colleagues Jen Taylor and Samantha Kelly, who both voiced Princess Peach. Manley also twice lent his voice talent to Star Fox series, voicing ROB 64 in Star Fox: Assault and Falco Lombardi along with Peppy Hare in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He appeared as a host on 2005 SIGGRAPH meeting, where he discussed voice acting topics. Manley is the president of Tenacious Media, media and marketing company operating in Seattle, Washington. Dexter is also a film actor, usually filming in independent films and playing supporting roles.

Known video game work[edit]


  • Cage the Dog - Bobby
  • Unsung - Bruce
  • Bloody Mary - Luther
  • Bullets, Blood & a Fistful of Ca$h - Tommy Two Toes
  • Son of Terror - Undertaker
  • Nowhere Man - Mike Jordache
  • Movie Pizza Love - Martin
  • Mondo Scooterama - Stooge
  • Bite Size - Douglas Peatry's Father
  • The Taken - Chip


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