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Dhanial (Urdu: دھنیال‎, or Dhanyal or Dhenial) Mostly residing in the surrounding areas of Islamabad. This is one of the largest tribes living in the Potohar Plateau. An annual Urs is held at the shrine of Muazam Ali Shah Baba Dhani Pir (an Imami Ismaili family member)[1][2], on the 25th of April in Mouri Sayyedan. All the tribal elders gather here annually. The major population of the tribe resides in Kotli Sattian regions of Karor, Cherrah and Tamair. They share a rich history that dates back hundreds of years, documented in numerous books and articles written during the British Raj. They are the descendants of Ali from his ninth wife Khola bint-e-Ayas bin Jaffar Bannu Hanifa. Khola gave birth to Ali's famous son Muhammad bin Ali also known as Muhammad bin Hanifa.[citation needed]


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