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Dharti Pakad (also spelt Dharti Pakar and Dharti Pakkad; transcribed as Dhartipakad and Dhartipakar as well) (etymology: Dharti = Earth; Pakad = Grasp: "One who clings on") is the nickname of at least three persons in India who contested unsuccessfully in several elections against top political leaders.

A satirical television show looking at the electoral politics was named Dharti Pakad after a man named Kaka Joginder Singh, whose nickname was Dharti Pakad. Mohan Lal, a cloth merchant from Bhopal, also had the nickname of Dharti Pakad for contesting elections against five different Prime Ministers and losing the deposit in all these elections.[1] Nagarmal Bajoria is also known by the nickname of Dharti Pakad;[2] he contested from over 278 constituencies and used donkeys for campaigning in an election.[3] There are others who have contested several elections (see this for example) unsuccessfully, but not necessarily known by the sobriquet.

Dharti Pakad is also a popular nickname in office politics referring to individuals who have no case for meaningful existence in the prevailing environment.


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