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Theatrical Poster
Directed by Pooja Bhatt
Produced by Mukesh Bhatt
Written by Shagufta Rafiq
Starring Muzammil Ibrahim
Tulip Joshi
Music by M. M. Keeravani
Release date
  • 31 August 2007 (2007-08-31)
Country India
Language Hindi

Dhokha is a Hindi film that stars Muzammil Ibrahim and Tulip Joshi in the lead roles. It is directed by Pooja Bhatt, produced by Mukesh Bhatt and music by M. M. Keeravani. The film revolves around a moderate Indian Muslim cop, who wakes up and to his horror, discovers that his wife, who had recently been killed in a bomb blast, is accused of being a suicide bomber and had killed 20 people in the club.[1]


Inspector Zaid Ahmed (Muzammil Ibrahim) is notified on duty that there has been a bomb blast at a mall. After investigation, it is found out that the suicide bomber responsible was Sarah Khan (Tulip Joshi), Zaid's wife. Zaid finds it hard to believe on seeing his wife's dead body, and claims to have dropped her at the bus stop. Zaid, who is inspected by the ATS (Anti Terrorism Squad), is called off duty temporarily by ATS Chief Raj Mehra (Gulshan Grover), but stands firm to his statement that his wife could not be the terrorist responsible.

One day he receives a DVD, by post, at home, which consists of his wife's dying testimonial in which she accepts that she is the responsible terrorist. Not believing what he has seen, Zaid decides to visit Sarah's grandfather Saeed Noor Bux (Anupam Kher). On meeting him, Saeed reveals a rather shocking story. Sarah's father had been arrested by the Local Police and had been beaten as he was suspected for terrorist activities. During the interrogation he dies. The Police hides his body, claims that he has run to Pakistan and was found guilty of being a terrorist.

When Saeed complains about this incident to higher authorities, Sarah, her brother Daanish(Abhay Sacchar) and he himself are arrested by the Inspector, and are forced to sign a statement that they don't want to investigate this case. Upon refusal, they make nude videos of Sarah. After Saeed is forced to sign the statement, the inspector (Ashutosh Rana) asks Saeed and Imran to go home, takes Sarah to a cell, and rapes her. Due to this incident, Sarah and her brother start meeting a Molvi (Islamic Preacher) (Munish Makhija), who convinces them to lay down their lives by killing Non-Muslims. While Sarah was first in the league, her brother, who has been missing for a month, might follow her.

Zaid, horrified by this tale, tries to find Sarah's brother Imran, and finds him when he is being prepared to blast himself in a few days. As a result of chasing him, he finds out the Molvi behind this, and shares harsh words with him. Later he is kidnapped by the Molvi's men, and is about to be killed, when he fights for his life, escapes and tries to find Imran. He pleads with the ATS not to arrest Imran, and brings him to his senses, convincing him to take off the bomb.

It is later shown that the corrupt Inspector is arrested and sentenced. Saeed and Imran win the case with the help of Zaid. Zaid's rank is restored and he resumes duty. He then explains to the senior police officers how they force terrorists to be born just because of not being able to give them justice.



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