Di Naye Kapelye

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Di Naye Kapelye is a Hungarian klezmer music group. The band formed in Budapest in 1993, and perform frequently throughout Europe. Their lyrics are primarily in Yiddish and Hungarian.


  • Bob Cohen (violin, mandolin, koboz, cumbus, flutes, Carpathian drum, vocals)
  • Yankl Falk (clarinet, vocals)
  • Ferenc Pribojszki (cimbalom, Carpathian drum, flutes)
  • Antal Fekete (kontra)
  • Gyula Kozma (bass, koboz, violin).


  • 1997 - Di Naye Kapelye (Oriente)
  • 2001 - A Mazeldiker Yid (Oriente)
  • 2008 - Traktorist (Oriente)

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