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Founded United States
Headquarters United States
Parent Yahoo!

Dialpad Communications was an early pioneer in the Voice over IP industry that was founded in 1999 after spinning off from Serome Technologies in Seoul, Korea and moving to Santa Clara, California in the United States. Dialpad's business model was to give free PC to Phone calls to the US and to monetize the traffic through advertising to the dialing client.

Dialpad raised $68 million in 2000 from CMGI's @Ventures, Serome, and Sterling Payot Capital, among others. A victim of overspending and the dot.com bubble, the company was near closing in late 2001. Dialpad replaced its prior management of Brad Garlinghouse (CEO), Ted Cho (CTO) and Doug Ahn (President) with Craig Walker (CEO), Vincent Paquet (VP Bus. Dev. & Marketing) and Michael Tribolet (VP Operations). New management took the company through a Ch. 11 bankruptcy reorganization in 2001, and raised an additional $6M from Sang Su Oh, the former Chairman and CEO of Serome. The company grew to be a profitable leader in the industry and was acquired by Yahoo! in June 2005.

Dialpad was succeeded by Yahoo! Voice later that year.