Diamond Shamrock and Kwik Stop Boycott

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Protestors hold signs outside the Diamond Shamrock and Kwik Stop in Dallas where 26-year-old Marcus Phillips was shot and killed by a staff member.

The Diamond Shamrock and Kwik Stop Boycott is a protest organized by the Nation of Islam against the Diamond Shamrock gas station in Dallas, Texas.[1][2] Using the slogan Don't Stop, Don't Shop, the organization has picketed the Kwik Stop convenience store located at 1909 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.[3] since December 2011.

The protest was organized after an incident in which the Korean owner of the convenience store refused to waive a $5 minimum charge for debit card transactions for the African-American leader of the local Nation of Islam chapter, Jeffrey Muhammad, which was allegedly followed by an exchange of racial epithets between the two men.[4][5][6] The South Korean consul general from Houston was dispatched in an attempt to resolve the issue.[2] In 2010, a Korean employee of the store shot and killed Marcus Phillips, a 26-year-old African-American who appeared to be attempting to steal the cash register.[4]

The protest has been supported by the Dallas chapter of the NAACP.[4] Anthony Bond, the founder of the Irving chapter of the NAACP, has called for the protest to end and has contacted the United States Department of Justice to request assistance from a Community Relations Service representative. Meanwhile, the president of the Dallas NAACP chapter and Nation of Islam activists have vowed to continue protesting.[7]


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