Diamond Valley

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Location of Diamond Valley within Nevada.
Valley in early summer: with Timothy grass hay, full moon, and the Diamond Mountains.

Diamond Valley is a valley basin between the Sulphur Spring Range and the Diamond Mountains, in central Nevada, the Western United States.


The valley is almost entirely within Eureka County, but the northern end crosses into Elko County. The valley is up to 12 miles (19 km) wide and over 45 miles (72 km) long.

The town of Eureka lies at the southern end of Diamond Valley, while the northern end is home to an alkali flat. Several small lakes are located in the western part of the valley near Sadler Brown Road. Eureka Airport is also located towards the southern end of the valley.


Diamond Valley is also known for their farms that grow Timothy hay, Alfalfa hay, wheat, oats, and orchard grass. The hay provides feed for racetracks, dairies, and feed stores throughout the United States and foreign export market


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Diamond Valley with alkali flat, and the Diamond Mountains (Diamond Peak at far right).

Coordinates: 39°45′33″N 115°58′24″W / 39.75917°N 115.97333°W / 39.75917; -115.97333