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Diana Meier
Website http://www.dianameier.com
Modeling information
Height 1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Hazel

Diana Meier is a former professional basketball player and television actress. Diana is known for her hook shot and even taught Hakeem Olajuwon his hook shot while attending the University of Houston.

After college, Diana became a professional basketball player overseas in England, Sweden, New Zealand and Spain and spread her enthusiasm for the sport at clinics, promotional activities and even with her own radio talk show in New Zealand. Her dream was to come back to the States and do powerful things in women’s sports.

Since 1989, Diana has pioneered the following entertainment projects: Hosted and produced, W Sportz, a women’s sports talk show on Cable; was the first woman to host women’s sports on the Fred Wallen Show; and hosted her own radio show, Women’s Sports Talk, for 5 years on KPFK. Diana has appeared on over 200 TV shows, usually as an athlete, or detective on shows such as: Strong Medicine, Arli$$, ER (TV series), Coach, and NBC’s WNBA Game Patrol. She impersonated Janet Reno on both Safe Harbor (TV series) and Dharma and Greg and was credited as “Inga” on Who’s the Boss?[1]

Diana and her identical twin sister Dawn both stand at 6 feet 2 inches. As part of two of the tallest twins in the world, the Meier’s have done several national talk shows including: Maury Povich, Montel Williams, Geraldo, and Judge For Yourself. They appeared on Disney’s re-make of Escape to Witch Mountain.

Diana also speaks several times a year to various audiences as a motivational speaker about her passion and vision for women’s sports.


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