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Dictionary of Art Historians
Type of site
Online Encyclopedia
Website http://www.dictionaryofarthistorians.org//
Current status Online

The Dictionary of Art Historians (DAH) is an online encyclopedia of topics relating to art historians, art critics and their dictionaries. The mission of the project is to provide free, reliable, English-language information on published art historians.

The DAH was started in 1986 as a notecard project indexing art historians by the editors Lee R. Sorensen and Monique Daniels.[1] In 2002 the project was migrated to the internet and in 2010 the project was adopted by the art department of Duke University.[2] The project enjoys collaboration with the Journal of Art Historiography, which started in 2010.[3]

Starting as a database of art historians mentioned in major art historiographies, the site has grown through the comments and contributions of various authors specializing in national fields of art history.[4]


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