Die Bahnwelt

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Die Bahnwelt
Die Bahnwelt cover.jpg
Platform(s)Sharp X68000
  • JP: October 30, 1992
Genre(s)Run and gun

Die Bahnwelt is a multi-directional Run and gun that was released for the Sharp X68000 in 1992 by Glodia.[1]


Screenshot of cutscene in Die Bahnwelt
Screenshot of gameplay in Die Bahnwelt

The player directly moves one character in three dimensions in an overhead perspective through science fiction themed dungeons. The player can shoot in eight directions. There are also different second characters that the player can indirectly control through AI. There are multiple weapons that can be collected that can be switched at will. There is a life bar that regenerates if no damage is taken for a period of time. The game has a save system.[2] The game also contains many anime cutscenes.[3] There is an English fan translation available for this game.[4] The game is currently freeware.[5]


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